SCOUT Carbon 1 Paramotor. 

Full Carbon aero frame and spars for all Pilot types    

An innovative and beautiful design by legendary Adventure Pilot Miroslav Svec of Slovakia - the Scout Carbon 1 is packed with the same features as the Enduro model, but with the addition of the full outer Carbon frame. It uses the same dynamic torque compensation as all Scout Paramotors. Allowing hands off flying with weight shift steering in all normal conditions. 


Supplied primarily with the new Moster MY-20 engine producing 27bhp. it’s both light and comes with either a 12 ltr fuel tank as standard or the new 18 ltr optional extra.


The Scout Carbon 1 not only delivers the best looking Paramotor on the market, but in flight fly's with precision and perfect balance. A truly exceptional all-round purposeful machine.


Carbon 1 has been rigorously tested for the Authorities and Acro Pilots from all over the world use the machine for high energy G manoeuvres, safe in the knowledge that the chassis is capable of handling any forces that may be applied in flight.=


Scout Paramotors have enjoyed a strong relationship with Vittorazi Motors since the inception of the brand, the majority of our machines are sold with the hugely popular Moster plus 185, which has seen a good evolution in recent months with the addition of the new MY-20 and remains the no 1 engine for International Paramotor Pilots. Powerful enough for tandem flying!
Other engines are available for Scout through the Eshop including the Pollini 250.


There are a vast range of products and accessories for the Scout Carbon available from the E-Shop