SCOUT NXT Adventure. 

Full Carbon Paramotor for Adventure Pilots

Launched in 2019 the latest Scout NXT brings yet another dimension into XC adventure flying.  After winning the now famous Icarus Trophy in 2016 Miroslav embarked on designing a paramotor capable of flying long distance with weight carrying potential.


With 2 x years of testing he finally launched the NXT.  The chassis has a revolutionary variable frame geometry, designed to ease heavy take off loads and once airborne allows the Pilot to recline to an almost paragliding position. This not only makes for a more comfortable flying position, but also allows even more weight shift capability. Ideal for long adventure flights.


The now 19ltr fuel tank actually pivots rearward to allow the Pilot to remain standing in a completely vertical plane while maintaining the perfect thrust angle for take off. A new bigger harness with a sliding shackle allows for the seat board to tuck away behind you during launch and landing. Getting seated is completely effortless.

However on the ground the Harness is designed in a way which transfers the majority of weight from your shoulders to a central waist area, similar to a conventional ruck sack. This allows you to not only carry heavier loads, but gives your arms and shoulders more freedom for launching.  Coupled with a single release buckle as used in conventional aircraft. Machine / harness release is simple.


NXT allows you to carry all your XC camping and overnight essentials for enjoying bivouac adventures. 


Optional front and side bags make this possible. Once airborne, unclip and fold down the front bag to access to your flight deck.


With a 19ltr tank fitted as standard you now

have the ability to fly for up to 4 hrs non stop. 


Enjoy your own Adventure, or join Scout on one of the

many exciting trips available throughout the whole year.


Now you’re free to explore the great wide open.   Spoilt for choice!  
So what is your NXT adventure?